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Loan Center Canada is an extensive credit marketing agency set up for providing financial services to all Canadians. We’re committed to providing Canadians with fast cash loans whether auto loans or credit and debt consolidation loan solutions of any credit.

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I was a newcomer and had struggled more than a year to make credit card payments which never seemed to get smaller. Finally, since I’ve had my credit loan, I have not had the same stress! Life is now much more comfortable and most importantly, my finances are under control!
Rodrigo W
I got a car title loan with Loan Center Canada. I was able to use the money to catch up on all my outstanding debts. Loan Center Canada helped me out when no one else would. I feel at ease knowing that my debt has been taken care of.
I consolidated my debts; after getting a loan from Loan Center Canada, I was ecstatic. Like some weight was just lifted off my shoulders.
I needed quick cash for a family emergency. I was hesitant but I decided to try with Loan Center Canada anyways. I was pleasantly surprised with their fast friendly service. I was approved for a car title loan in a matter of minutes!
Loan Center Canada helped me get money when I needed it the most and when no one was willing to help me. The best part of the whole experience was that I didn’t have to even leave my house. The convenience of loaning with an online loan company surprised me; I never thought the process could be that quick!
Thanks Loans Center Canada! They gave me a financial loan with which I used to pay off my credit cards. My monthly loan payments are affordable and at a much lower interest rate than my bank!
I needed a loan to help myself with unexpected medical expenses and had just been discharged with bankruptcy. Therefore, I knew I couldn’t get a loan anywhere else. When you come off bankruptcy the banks won’t lend to you for about 7 years. Loan Center Canada was there and helped me our when I needed it the most!
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