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Frequently Asked Questions2024-01-17T01:41:07-08:00
How will I know if I’m approved?2017-10-18T19:51:42-08:00

You will be notified by phone or email the moment your loan application has been approved. Loan Center Canada aims to provide our customers with the fastest approval times.

I’m a recent immigrant, Am I eligible for a loan?2021-01-28T23:25:28-08:00

Yes, of course! Even if you have no credit history, we work with a number of different lending companies that offer a variety of financial products and services at a great rate.

Is my personal information secure with Loan Center Canada?2017-10-18T19:50:18-08:00

Yes! Loan Center Canada uses the best security solutions. We use similar methods banks use to protect your personal information. You can guarantee your sensitive personal information is kept confidential and is safe with us.

Does Loan Center Canada perform a financial statements?2021-01-28T23:29:08-08:00

Depending on the type of service you choose, consent to check your credit may be asked to verify your identity and to determine your eligibility for financing. Loan Center Canada and our affiliates will seek your consent before a credit check is completed.

I’ve been rejected by a bank. Can I still apply?2017-10-18T19:48:22-08:00

If you’ve been rejected by the bank, keep in mind there are still numerous alternatives available to you. We suggest trying again with us! One of the great things about Loan Center Canada is that we have partnerships with many banks and lending institutions that offer better rates and a variety of options.

How can I speed up the process of getting my loan approved?2017-10-18T19:47:13-08:00

When processing a loan the most frequent delay is in collecting the paperwork or pertinent details. Our loan experts will have a list of requirements that our underwriters need to process your loan. To give yourself the quickest approval, make sure to provide the most accurate information on your application. If all the pertinent information and paperwork is submitted quickly to us your loan process should also be fairly quick. If any information or paperwork is missing or unclear then it only slows down the process.

What happens after I submit my application?2017-10-18T19:46:18-08:00

After submitting your application, one of our partners will talk about the service you’ve selected and the options available to you. We also want to personally speak with you to make sure we understand your exact needs and situation. With the help of our partners, we compare and review prices to ensure you get only the best deal.

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