There may  come a time in your life when you need to get your hands on a large sum of money to help with renovating your home, investments, or for an emergency. One particular source of cash that  might be considered is the equity in your home through the use of cash-out mortgage refinancing.

With the steep run-up in prices for real estate recently, there are certain markets, specifically within the Greater Toronto Area, that got a slight correction, or pause, back in 2017. Fortunately, the market appears to be stabilizing which is good if you are considering   cash-out mortgage refinancing since the higher the value of your home becomes, so does the home equity that you can tap into.

What is  Cash-Out Mortgage Refinancing?

Cash-out mortgage refinancing takes over your existing mortgage with a new loan that is more than what you owe your current property. The difference in this loan will be given to you in the form of cash which you can spend for debt consolidation, home improvements, or other needs. You will need to have built enough  equity in your home to be able to apply for a cash-out mortgage refinancing.

Traditional mortgage refinancing, on the other hand, lets you replace your old mortgage with a new one, but with the same balance.

Benefits of Cash-Out Mortgage Refinancing

There are several benefits to be gained when you choose a cash-out mortgage refinancing such as:

Lower interest rates. You may  get lower interest rates for cash-out mortgage refinancing if you bought your home with a higher mortgage rate. For example, if you bought your home with a 9% mortgage rate, the current rate will be lower.

Higher credit score. When you pay off your credit card using cash-out refinance, you’re  able to build up your credit score.

Consolidate your debts. You can use your cash-out refinancing to pay off your credit card debts which can help you save a lot of money in terms of interest.

Tax deductions. Another possible benefit to get from this type of mortgage refinancing is that you can get mortgage interest deduction, especially if you will use the money to build, buy, or even make a substantial home improvement.

If you do plan on applying for a cash-out mortgage refinancing, you need to consider the fact that you will be re-applying for new mortgage which means that you will have to get all the documents needed, and keep in mind all the existing terms of your mortgage will change.

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