As a resident in Canada, you’re probably considering investing your hard-earned money on a worthwhile investment such as real estate. This is not surprising given that having your own property can help you earn money in the long run. You are lucky if you have enough cash to simply buy your home as-is. Most on the other hand will need to apply for a home mortgage loan.
If you are considering this approach, here are a few tips on how you can get your application for a home mortgage loan approved easily.

Determine your credit score- The first rule that you should keep in mind when it comes to applying for home mortgage loans to mortgage lenders is that you should know what your credit score is. It’s easy enough to get your hands on a credit report which you can use to determine your chances of getting approved. If you want to get a good credit score, you will need to pay your debts in time. If your credit score needs to be worked on, you should do that first before applying for a loan.

Stay in your current job- It’s not a good idea to switch jobs when you have an application for home mortgage loans as this will affect your application. Switching jobs at this moment can lower your chances of getting approved.

Know how much you can afford- You should also make it a point to know how much you can afford in terms of monthly payments when it comes to buying a home. There will be mortgage services that are willing to lend you a higher amount that you can’t afford which can be quite enticing.. However, make it a point to ensure that you are financially capable to handle payments, otherwise, you might lose your home.

Pay debts and avoid new debts- You don’t really need to pay off all of your debts before applying for a home mortgage loan. However, the fewer debts you owe, the better it will be for your application. Keep in mind that lenders tend to evaluate your debt-to-income ratio before they will consider approving your loan application. Some lenders will offer you a lower mortgage if you have plenty of debts in your credit cards.

Save money- Make sure that you save up a lot in terms of cash for down payment to your home. Mortgage lenders prefer those who have ready cash to pay off the required down payment.

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